Adventures in the world of pens (and pen-induced penury)


Just about everybody has a favorite writing tool, and for most of us, those tools tend to be cheap, “over the counter” dealies that we use and lose in couch cushions, the bottoms of bags, the backs of desk drawers. It doesn’t make us any less attached to them — I buy packages of Pilot Precise V5 extra-fine rolling ball pens and go through a pack every couple of months until I have to go on a Great Pen Hunt. (Thanks to my cats, I can usually find a treasure trove chased under and forgotten beneath the living room furniture on a regular basis.)

For the longest time I took my favorites for granted. I didn’t think much about what made them my favorites, except that I’d somehow stumbled into a solution that worked for me. All of that changed after I discovered the wonderful world of fountain pens through none other than the unassuming but mighty Kaweco Sport, which made its way instantly into my every day carry, indeed before I even knew what an EDC was.

The purpose of this blog, then, is to document observations on various writing implements with pens being a central focus, as the title of the blog would suggest, with frequent forays into accessories such as inks, cases, and other office supplies. And although I love higher-end brands and models of pens, I want to shower particular attention on “beginner’s pens”  at “entry-level” prices, for the simple reasons that a) these models don’t often get attention on pro pen blogs, b) there are a lot of awesome, exceedingly inexpensive pens out there worthy of review, and c) I am a poor grad student with little cash for discretionary spending to my name, and sadly, for the time being, pens are a discretionary expense!

These observations will frequently appear as normal reviews, but because my fondness for writing implements is second only to my passion for the actual written word, I will on occasion  post hand-written meanderings, sketches, and maybe the odd recipe card or two. In other words, my “penventory” might sometimes resemble a pen-themed commonplace blog — but I hope you’ll bear with me in any case!

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