Linkage: “An envelope full of heart”

mailThursday, my friend Kellie published a lovely post on letter writing and the way it can help foster deep, intimate relationships with people you otherwise rarely see. Check it out!

I only recently returned to letter writing (actually, that’s what ignited my stationery obsession), but I do have one or two old long-distance friends with whom I’ve kept an ongoing email correspondence through the years. Since I turned to snail mail, however, I can say that even if I hand-write a letter and type an email to the same person in the same day, the letter has a distinctly different tone. Maybe it’s more intimate, as Kellie suggests. The above comic has been circulated widely via various forms of social media, and it’s obvious that the sentiment resonates deeply with our culture. Despite all the buzz lately about the pen being dead and so forth, it’s still clear that we value handwritten culture, even if we are easily distracted by modern communication technology.

Those of you who write letters, what’s your feeling on this?

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