Hey Pilot, You’re So Fine: Pilot 78G + Fine Nib


Pilot 78G with Fine Nib
+ Rohrer & Klingner’s Fernambuk

Dimensions: See review of Pilot 78G with broad nib

Wow! Talk about fine! I have heard tell of the marvelous fineness of Pilot’s pens — Japanese nibs and all — but this really delivers. Same model of pen as the previous review’s sample, but this time with a nib I’d consider more for everyday writing. And yet it’s smooth. The feed’s keeping up nicely — I’m writing at speed right now — and like the broad nib, it’s got a pleasing feedback and page noise.


I also really like how it renders this ink. Not too pink, but reddish (although my blue-tinted photos don’t do it justice). Actually, I think this is a pretty good match for my favorite gel grading ink. I’ll see how the Pilot Iroshizuku Mimiji stacks up against it, but if I can be content with R&K instead of the much more costly Iroshizuku, that would be awesome. (I prefer to buy German when I can, anyway!)


Sorry, no pictures of the actual pen this time. I gave it to my sister as an early birthday present before I could snap some shots of it!

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