Noodler’s + Paleography Sample

IMG_20140805_092640Guess who has two thumbs and scored a bottle of the original version of Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses? THIS GUY.

As some of you know, one of Nathan’s suppliers changed the makeup of an ingredient that was a vital component to this highly-sought-after ink, resulting in a color shift from a rich burgundy with rose undertones to a truer purple tone. Brian Goulet talks about it in detail here.

I managed to score a vial of the old stuff via Passion4Pens on Last I checked, they had a few bottles left. Caveat emptor: they don’t specify that it is the old version, so take my advice with a grain of salt! I was on tenterhooks while waiting for the bottle to arrive and I was so delighted to find out that it was, as I suspected, leftover old stock. I’m looking forward to inking up my Konrad Flex and experimenting a bit.

The above sample was written with a D. Leonardt round 3.5 nib. The script is a slightly modified Offenbacher Schrift, which reads:

Heidi Frederika Mai Griffin
vielleicht die schönste
Tinte, die ich je benützt habe
ich möchte viele Briefe mit dieser
Tinte schreiben.

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