Karas Kustoms “Ink” + 15% Back To School Discount + Giveaway!

Wide_Scroller_InkKaras Kustoms is introducing a fountain pen model to their line! No idea when it’s supposed to be released, but you can sign up for the waiting list here or check out their Facebook page for updates. Looks like it’s going to be available in all the usual colors.

I’m really excited to get one of these guys. I’ve been holding off on picking up a Karas Kustoms pen because I’m more likely to reach for a fountain pen than a ballpoint or rollerball, but I love the rugged look and utilitarian furnishings on their pen bodies, especially the knurling on the Render K.

And who knows — I might pick one up anyway. Currently they’re offering a 15% discount in their shop with the code “back2school.” That’s hard to pass up!

And finally, follow Karas Kustoms on Instagram for a chance to win these:

karaskustomsI may or may not have just created an Instagram account simply for the chance to win….

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