Score! Sun-Star Stationery’s Stickyle Scissors

IMG_2425Each project needs the right tool. And if your project is mobile, it’s likely that the right tool is going to be a very small version of another tool. In my case the project is paper craft, and I want all of my tools to be able to fit in my Nock Co. Hightower zip-roll case. Unfortunately, my full-sized Fiskars scissors didn’t make the cut.

Womp, womp.

IMG_2436Enter the Sun-Star Stationery Stickyle Scissors! Wait, those are scissors?

IMG_2426Indeed, they are.

Sun-Star Stationery Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that’s been in business since 1940 making adorable stationery products like the stick-style scissors and scented erasers. The stick-style (and its knock-offs) comes in a variety of colors and patterns, some of which are available at JetPens. These ones I found on for about the same price.

And they are petite! Capped, the stick is a mere 4.5″ long; the cutting edges of the blades are just a bit over 3cm. They feature a Lamy-style pocket clip — this woodland version is in a brass finish — that has absolutely no flex and is too tight to function. The scissors are spring-loaded so the blades pop open when you remove the cap; squeezing the handles causes the cutting action.

IMG_2431The mechanism — i.e. a single wire looped around the hinge-pin and hooked to the arms of the blades — is extremely simple and I’m not sure how durable it is.

IMG_2435You can see in the above photo the ridged area onto which the cap snaps. It looks like threading, but it’s not. I have my doubts as to whether these ridges will hold up over extended use.

IMG_2432The scissors perform very well, though! The blades are keen and the action is smooth, and while I wouldn’t want to use them for cutting out a fabric pattern, they’re perfect for snipping washi tape, trimming handmade envelopes, and so on. (The product sticker on the handle came off easily after the photo shoot.)

IMG_2426I really like these scissors. The design is cute and they do what they’re supposed to do, and they’re a unique enough product to spice up your pen-cup (/pen case/pocket/etc).

Would you give the Stickyle a try? Let me know in the comments!


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