Budget Review: The Pilot Desk Pen


Pilot Desk Pen in Black
+ Extra-Fine Nib
+ De Atramentis Johann Sebastian Bach

Dimensions: 18.6cm long capped, 17.7cm long uncapped, 10.5mm grip diameter

Price: $11 at JStationery, $11.75 at JetPens

This is a fun pen. In spite of its low price point, it feels like a fine-art tool of some sort. (In retrospect, I’m probably thinking of my Speedball calligraphy styli.) Its sleek black body, made of a high-gloss recycled resin, has the profile of a stealth jet. The extra-fine nib isn’t quite the needle point that, say, the Pilot Penmanship is, and it wrote well straight out of the package — no flushing required.

IMG_2409What I like best about this pen, aside from the fine line, is the comfort of the grip. It is perfectly round and smooth, broken only by a slim gold ring that bisects the section and disguises the seam between it and the body. I also love how the nib is set into the section, which extends beneath it to hide most of the underside of the feed. It reminds me strongly of a sharply-manicured and gold-plated fingernail!

IMG_1922I currently have it loaded up with a Con-50 converter, but it also takes Pilot’s cartridges. This ink is a great pairing for the pen, as well — the dusty purple is only apparent if you examine it close-up, so it would be entirely work-appropriate.

IMG_2408I also really enjoyed doing this review’s sketches with it!


5 thoughts on “Budget Review: The Pilot Desk Pen

  1. Slightly unrelated issue, but what’s the notebook you’re using? I’m on the hunt for some B5 dotted notebooks, but having a bit of a hard time locating some good ones.

    • That is the Rhodia A5 Webnotebook. Rhodia uses Clairefontaine paper — heavy and smooth as glass, making it amazing for fountain pens (though the dry time can be a little long). The Webnotebook is kind of pricey, but their regular notepads come in dot grids, too, and 6 different sizes (if I remember correctly), and they are not too expensive at all. Check JetPens.com. Not sure if they have B5s.

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