Sketch Dump, Call Of Cthulhu Edition: Dooley Doodles

IMG_2553We do a lot of tabletop gaming at Chez Cordray. It’s a great creative outlet and a unique way of getting to know new friends. Nothing says “I love you” like “You’re gonna die. Roll a D6.”

Tuesday night, the Huz and I had a couple of friends over to play the third (or fourth?) installment in a series of stand-alone Call of Cthulhu modules. The Huz has been using pre-generated intro scenarios since his goal is a low-key, one-shot game for players new to RPGs, but this module was one he wrote himself, a sequel to the one in this Quick Start Cthulhu guide (PDF). It takes place in the 1920s; our characters are Jack White, Commie journalist; Robert “Rocky” Brownson, a gruff private eye; and Ursula “Uschi” von Ostrand, a German anthropologist who is never caught without her journal and Kaweco fountain pen. (Guess which one I play.)

I take game notes exclusively in my classic graph Field Notes with my Delfonics mechanical pencil, and while our GM is running a scene with one of the other characters, I sketch.  In this session, Rocky critically succeeded on a disguise roll and managed to fool even his comrades that he was a strappin’, gum-smackin’ broad named Kay.

IMG_2558Then we had to investigate a Mr. Dooley, who turned out to have a LOT of relatives in the force.

IMG_2555(This Dooley died tragically. Fortunately, he was swiftly replaced by a cousin, who was eager to take up the elder Dooley’s catchphrase. The rest of the Boston PD was not as impressed.)

Our final confrontation began with a Shambler that was so horrible that Uschi went temporarily insane, struck stone deaf and babbling nonsense in German that even their new friend, Michael-Fassbender-lookalike Konrad Lore, couldn’t interpret.

IMG_2554Since the Delfonics pencil has no eraser, I keep a Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Dust-Gathering Eraser on hand. It’s awesome: gentle on the paper, thorough in erasing my 3B lead, and it cleans off easily so that slightly translucent white plastic doesn’t stain.

I don’t draw seriously much anymore, but I do a lot of sketching and doodling when I should be paying attention to something else; since the semester’s starting up and there will be plenty of meetings and seminars during which to get distracted, you can look forward to more sketch dumps from me in the future. Thanks for viewing!

5 thoughts on “Sketch Dump, Call Of Cthulhu Edition: Dooley Doodles

  1. Hey Olivia,
    I just got into fountain pens, dip pens and quality paper this year. And I’m trolling through old posts to satisfy my “fix” for ink and try to convince myself not to buy a Design.Y Tomoe River journal when I found this post.

    Your sketches are fantastic! And since I’m a long time keeper for Call of Cthulhu I doubly loved this post! If you or your husband are interested you should check a podcast I co-host called The Miskatonic University Podcast, I’m not trying to pimp my own thing here, it is just so weird that I’m on your site looking for pen stuff and you have a post about CoC!

    Anyway, have a great holiday and I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds there.


  2. Hey Murph!

    Thanks so much for commenting! The lure of luxury stationery is strong, and I did exactly the same thing when I first got into fountain pens — I spent most of March 2014 going through all the archives at If you’re looking for inexpensive Tomoe River paper products, you should check out my TR master post here:
    (Spoiler alert: I highly recommend the Seven Seas “Writer.”)

    And thank you also for your kind words about my sketches! I haven’t posted any in a while, but I have a handful that I need to upload, since we’ve done a lot of gaming since then. Actually, my husband is a big fan of your podcast! I’ve never gotten into podcasts, but my husband listens to them daily. He’s had a couple of his scenarios featured on RPPR, including an installment from a series of Civil War games, such as this one:

    Just earlier this week he debuted his first Trail of Cthulhu game for us, also a Civil War story. I’ve done sketches for just about all of his games — hopefully I’ll have time to post some this weekend.

    I’ll give him a nudge to contact you — maybe we could arrange a Skype game!

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