Letter Writers Alliance Member Scout Book



Letter Writers Alliance Member Scout Book

The Letter Writers Alliance recently released a limited run of this beautiful pocket book for official L.W.A. members only. It comes packaged in a simple clear plastic slip cover to keep it safe during shipping. It measures 3.5″x5″, contains 32 pages of soft white paper printed in pale grey with a quadrille-grid, and is staple bound within sturdy natural cardstock covers.


The front features the L.W.A. Victory Lady silk-screened in navy blue with the slogan “LETTER WRITING LIVES.” The back is emblazoned with the L.W.A. crest and the motto “YOU HAVE TO SEND A LETTER TO GET A LETTER.” The paper is fairly heavy, so my fountain pen sample didn’t bleed through, but it’s definitely susceptible to feathering even with a fairly dry-writing fountain pen. In the end I stuck with my .4mm Hi-Tec-C, which performed very well and didn’t even ghost.


The scout book is listed at $6 per piece and is limited to a run of fifty. Personally, I’m very glad I grabbed two: the cover design is exquisite and the quadrille is a little different to most of the pocket notebooks I’ve seen. On top of that, sales support the lovely folks over at the L.W.A.!


If you’re not a member, consider joining. It’s only $5 for a lifetime membership, and your welcome package includes, among other things, a patch in maroon and white with the official L.W.A. seal on it. With a membership you get access to their penpal swap, their members-only store, certain members-only stationery and “fauxstage” downloads, and postal adventures such as Initiative Response. I currently maintain correspondence with a couple of penpals I received via the L.W.A.

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