Lamy Warranty Service


Last month I was trying to change the nib on my Lamy Vista when, to my surprise and consternation, the whole feed came right out of the section, nib still attached.

I managed to remove the nib, but reinserting the feed turned out to be problematic. The section is clear, so lining up the feed with the correct grooves shouldn’t be so difficult, right??

Wrong! Only later did I find out that the Vistas are unusually prone to the feed getting jammed, but that didn’t make me feel any less stupid and annoyed when — you guessed it — the feed jammed.


It just went downhill from there. Once in, it wouldn’t budge. Liberal application of pliers and (later, desperately, and most unprofessionally) teeth were to no avail.


Tim Allen voice: “OH NO.”

Fortunately, Lamy includes a warranty sheet with every pen they ship. I still had one of those sheets in a drawer somewhere, so I dug it out and set about the process of returning the pen for repair.


They ask for a check of $9.50 payable to Lamy Pen USA to cover return shipping, but they also specify that the warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse or abuse. Did my desperate, toothy attempt to un-jam my feed count as “misuse or abuse”? Well… probably, but in any case, whatever extra cost I accrued was still likely to be less than the original cost of the pen.

So I removed the converter — the feed and section were already newly cleaned — and replaced the cap, wrapped the pen up in bubble wrap, and stuck it in a padded mailer. I included a note with my return address and a description of the events that led to the damage. Around September 3 or 4, my husband dropped the package off at our local post office.


Please note: THIS ADDRESS IS OUT OF DATE! US customers should send pens in need of repair to:

Lamy Customer Service
555 Airline Drive, Suite 100
Coppell, TX 75019

Despite the fact that I had an outdated address on my package, I still got my pen back in less than two weeks! On September 15 I received a return package from Lamy — my pen, safely lodged in a tiny plastic coffin (cryo-tube? sleeping pod? it definitely has a science-fiction-y look about it), with a post-it note stuck to my original card describing the repair done: “FRONT SECTION REPLACED.” I discovered, to my delight, that they had also included an extra-fine nib — although I had not sent a nib in with the pen.



And how does it write?

Like new. Thank you, Lamy Kundendienst, for bringing my pen back from the dead!

A little more info for those of you who need some work done on their Lamy pens, taken from their website:

We request that you return your writing instrument in a protective box or package that will ensure its safe delivery. To prevent leakage, please remove the refill or cartridge of your pen before shipping to us. Also, if you are using the US Postal Service we would suggest you write “Hand Cancel Only” on the outside of the package to minimize damage from postal machines. Please note that we cannot be held liable for products lost or damaged in shipping on their way to us, therefore we advise sending via UPS or FedEx. If you would like to use the Postal Service, you should send your package via Registered or Insured Mail.

Enclose a brief note in your package with the following information: Today’s Date, Your Name, Daytime Phone, Email Address (if applicable), Your Return Address, Style or Model of Pen (if known), Nature of Problem, and whether your pen has any sentimental value or customization.

2 thoughts on “Lamy Warranty Service

  1. Michelle Smith says:

    Last Christmas, I got myself a Lamy 2000. The nib sure seemed broader than the medium I had ordered, though, so I watched a video on how to get it out and check. Success! The video warned that you had to get it juuuuuuuuust right when reinserting it.

    I failed. This was literally, like, thirty minutes after I received the thing. Waah! Anyway, Lamy costumer service fixed it up and got it back to me much faster than I’d anticipated.

  2. I’ve had my Lamy Vista for about two or three weeks. I like it (I can’t resist demonstrator pens) but I’ve had some frustration with the feed. Glad to know it’s not just me, but I confess, it makes me hesitant to order a Safari, even though I’d love to try one just because of how much people love them. :-/

    It’s good to know the customer service is so fantastic, though! 🙂

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