New Tomoe River Formats at JetPens + Giveaway

Last week, a reader brought my attention to the penultimate JetPens newsletter, which announced that soon they will be stocking other format options for Tomoe River Paper. Thanks, dear reader! I’m excited to pass on the news that JetPens is now stocking the Tomoe River “Kanso” Notebook and Report Pad.


“Kanso” means “simplicity” in Japanese, and these embody the concept completely. The B5 Notebook is $15. It is thread-bound with an ultra-smooth cardstock cover which is the same color as the pages inside.


The A5 Report Pad is $4.75 with a glue-bound top, matching cardstock back, and an included lined guide sheet to place beneath the page you’re writing on.

Both have 30 pages and are available in white or cream.

JetPens is also sponsoring a giveaway! You can enter your JetPens-associated email for a chance to win two packs of 100 sheets of Tomoe River paper, the A4 Kokuyo Campus Adapt Slim Binder in white, and the Carl Neo Gauge 26-Hole or 30-Hole Punch in blue. From their site:

Make your own DIY Tomoe River Paper Binder with this fun kit, which includes two packs of Tomoe River Paper, a Kokuyo binder, and a Carl hole punch.

Just follow the easy instructions for the punch: line up the paper under the magnet strip, fold the edge side underneath the platform, and then line up the punch to the appropriate notches. You now have an easy way to create your own customizable Tomoe River Paper Binder!

Credit for the images in this post go to JetPens.

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