About the Penventory

The Penventory is curated by Olivia Cordray, US Midwest-based stationery addict, fountain pen aficionado,  avid graphophile, armchair paleographer, cat fancier, and official member of the Letter Writer’s Alliance since 2014. I am a freelance translator and grad student of German studies in my spare time. I also write books and lots of snail mail. Since starting this blog, I have swiftly come to be known among friends and family (those in the know, anyway) as the pen girl, and I am frequently embarrassed to be caught without a single writing instrument on hand — I have no excuses.

You can drop me a line here with questions, comments, links to stationery products we can’t live without, and/or your favorite Nietzsche quote (or song lyric if you’re not feeling too existential). I’m always looking for new pen friends, too, so if you know your postal worker by name, whisper it in my ear along with your mailing address.

All your nibs are belong to us,

Yours &c.


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