A.G. Spalding & Bros Maple-Bodied Pen


A. G. Spalding & Bros – maple-bodied fountain pen
+ natural finish
+ medium nib
+ Kaweco Turquoise

I have to admit: I bought this pen solely because of its looks. Shallow, I know.


But there is something about it that’s different: the warmth of the natural wooden barrel bookended by the sturdy aluminum of the cap and the posting end… well, it looks like a pen you’d find in the hand of a pipe-smoking, fastidious car mechanic in the 1950s, the only guy you’d want working on your car. It seems well-engineered to be both hard-working and attractive.


And it’s got character! The nib, while rather plain, is incredibly wet, smooth, and fun to use. It wrote well right out of the box, no flushing required. The cap snaps off the top and posts with a solid click, though posting definitely renders it really back-heavy. I’m not a fan of the grip, which is miniscule at 1cm long, so I actually grip the wooden barrel, which is more then comfortable. The clip is tight but not totally inflexible, and the way it’s attached to the cap means that, with some effort, you can twist it around to whatever position suits you.


Effortless, juicy lines.


Ultimately, this is a very nice pen — I only wish my natural handwriting wasn’t so small and therefore unsuited to the breadth of the line! I’m afraid it’ll probably not get used the way it should.


It Definitely Blew My Mind: Delfonics Mechanical Pencil


Delfonics wooden mechanical pencil in natural finish
+ Pentel Stein .5mm 3B lead

Length: 162mm (just under 6.5in)

A while back, the Well-Appointed Desk did a review of a letterpress shop in Kansas City, MO called Hammerpress, and I knew I had to check it out the next time I made a trip out there. With my work, I end up making a couple trips to KC a semester to take people to and from airports, so I figured I’d get there early some day and stop by the shop. But as it happened, the first opportunity I got, I was accompanied by my husband, my mother-in-law, and my best friend, whom we were taking to her very first pro baseball game. (It was my first, too — shh, don’t tell.) Fortunately, Hammerpress has such diverse stock that even the non-stationery-fans enjoyed themselves! Continue reading